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final Project 2022 
etzeaH - Mahane Yehuda Market 2.0

The task we were given in our final project was to deal with a design solution which is related to the topic of ''temporary discomfort''. 

I approached the subject with a desire to create an innovative and technological layer to prevent the difficulty and inconvenience of carrying baskets in the Mahane Yehuda market area, emphasizing the importance of preserving the existing space.

The goal of my project is to create a new layer for the market space, which will be harmoniously assimilated into the existing layers that distinguish it; The colors, the smells, the tastes and the sounds.


The meaning behind the name of the project - ETZEAH is the act of Leaving our homes and entering the market space - a space that many avoid reaching since the entry of supermarket chains. The purpose of my final project is to restore the power of Mahane Yehuda Market through innovative technologies.


The market is by nature a colorful place, therefore I chose to use the color black that accompanies the design, present and dominant, with the aim of creating a dynamic and innovative layer that can merge with the existing space.

environmental plan

how it works 

Upon entering the market area, there are stands where the customer receives a sticker that connects the shopping basket with the intended application, In order to connect the innovation to all age groups, including the older population that buys in the market on a regular basis.

In the market area, an innovative system

of conveyor belts will be installed whose role is to drive the purchased goods to the packaging center that will be located near the market.

Packing Stations will be placed in the market area without interrupting the current movement in the space, from which the baskets will go up to the upper conveyor system.



The goods that traveled in the market space will be packed in a packing center near the market, and From there will be sent to the customer's home to avoid the inconvenience of carrying the baskets on public transportation etc.




sounds on
presentation video

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